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“Nokia’s Demise: A Repeated Tragedy” – PhoneArena

Nokia brand slowly disappearing from the internet

If you are a millennial, your first phone was probably a Nokia. The Finnish company behind the iconic brand, Nokia Corporation, no longer manufactures phones, but the Nokia name lives on through a partnership with HMD Global. However, it seems like the Nokia brand may be on its way out, as HMD Global appears to be distancing itself from the Nokia name.

HMD Global has made known its intentions to sell its own non-Nokia phones, signaling a shift in its branding strategy. While the site still sells Nokia phones, it’s clear that HMD is ready to shed its identity as a Nokia brand licensee and establish itself as a new company.

Moreover, all Nokia Mobile social media accounts have been locked, and MyNokia, the official channel for Nokia-branded products, announced that all channels will be closing on February 7. This move suggests that HMD Global is moving away from the Nokia brand.

Although neither Nokia nor HMD has officially confirmed the end of Nokia phone production, it seems unlikely that the current agreement will be renewed, as the partnership between the two companies is set to expire soon.

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