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Pixel Watch (LTE) buyers receive the birthday gifts on Google’s 25th anniversary

Google’s 25th Birthday Celebration – Get $60 off on Pixel Watch (LTE)

What do you know, Google is turning 25 years old. Why, the company has been old enough to drink for a few years now. That might explain some of the decisions it has made about the Pixel line. But seriously folks, it is Google’s 25th birthday and to help celebrate, the Google Store is slicing $60 off of the Pixel Watch (LTE) through September 23rd which takes the price of the timepiece down to $339.99 (or $28.33 a month for 12 months before trade-in). But there is more to this birthday celebration than a 15% discount.

If you buy the Pixel Watch (LTE) on or before October 3rd, the day before the Pixel Watch 2 is unveiled, you can get 2 years of free data for your Pixel Watch (LTE) from Google Fi to “power your messaging, navigation, and music on the go.” There are some caveats that your going to want to remember. With the two years of free data, you’ll be limited to 250MB per month of 4G data and throttled down to 3G data for the remainder of the month.

Additionally, to use data and texting, you must set up and pair your Pixel Watch (LTE) with a compatible phone. This phone must have an existing phone number and texting provider. Texting requires that the phone and watch have the Messages by Google app. Features like location sharing and music streaming might require that you install Google Maps and YouTube Music on your watch and your paired phone.

Buy the Pixel Watch (LTE) or even the Pixel Watch WiFi by September 23rd and you will receive a Google 25th Birthday Phone Tote. The birthday boy notes, “The Google 25th Birthday Phone Tote is available in red, green, blue, or yellow but will be fulfilled at random for each order placed.”

Remember, to get the discount you need to buy the Pixel Watch (LTE) on or before September 23rd. And if you make your purchase no later than October 3rd, you’ll qualify for the two free years of data for your Pixel Watch (LTE). The clock, or should we say the watch, is ticking.

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