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Pixel Watch may get new feature: alerts when fully charged

Google recently launched the Pixel Watch 2, and it seems that the company is working on adding some new features to improve the user experience. According to Android Police, the latest Pixel Watch app contains a hidden feature that will notify users when the watch is fully charged. Although the feature is not yet available to users, its presence in the app suggests that it may become available in the near future.

This feature could be particularly useful for users who do not always stay in the same room as their watch while it is charging. Additionally, some Pixel Watch 2 users have reported issues with charging. Google’s official support page advises users to ensure that the charger and watch are properly aligned, as the Pixel Watch 2 has a specific docking vibe and charging may not work if they are not aligned correctly.

In terms of design, the Pixel Watch 2 closely resembles its predecessor, with a sleek and simple design. However, it uses an aluminum case instead of stainless steel, making it lighter than the original Pixel Watch. Looking ahead, a new patent suggests that the Pixel Watch 3 may undergo a significant design overhaul, offering a fresh look and feel for the upcoming generation of Pixel watches.

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