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Possible voice-activated message responses could be a feature in Pixel 8

According to Android expert Mishaal Rahman, Google might be working on a new feature that allows users to reply to notifications using voice commands. This feature could potentially be available on the next-generation Pixel 8 smartphone, enabling users to answer messages hands-free.

Rahman discovered this information by analyzing the Android code. The feature would function similar to how voice-activated notifications work in Android Auto. However, instead of Google Assistant asking if you want to reply, it would immediately prompt you to dictate your message out loud. This streamlined process eliminates unnecessary steps and allows for a quicker response.

To use this feature, users would simply say “Reply” or “Hey Google, reply” after receiving a message notification. Google Assistant would then pop up and ask users to speak their message, which would be sent out on their behalf. Currently, there is no direct way to accomplish this task, as users need to manually trigger Google Assistant and compose their message. With this new feature, the process would be much smoother and faster.

It is uncertain whether this feature will be available when the Google Pixel 8 is released, or if it will be introduced later through a future Feature Drop. It is also possible that this feature may be extended to other Pixel devices in the future. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting development.

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