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Unboxing the Galaxy Z Fold 5: Exploring the Innovative Flex Hinge and Shock Dispersal Technology through Teardown

The recently launched Galaxy Z Fold 5 is in the spotlight once again, this time thanks to Zack Wilson from the popular YouTube channel JerryRigEverything. As an expert in disassembling various devices, Wilson decided to take apart the two-week-old Galaxy Z Fold 5 to explore its internals and reveal its new features.

Wilson’s first focus was on the device’s new Flex hinge, which allows the phone to close flat. He also wanted to check out the shock dispersion layer beneath the internal display, which is designed to enhance the device’s durability. However, Wilson found that disassembling the Galaxy Z Fold 5 was quite challenging, partly due to the foldable design. He noted that while screen replacement might be feasible, it could potentially damage the current display. Therefore, he advised non-professionals against attempting any DIY disassembly at home.

Once the screen was successfully removed, Wilson revealed an interesting discovery: a gold-colored digitizer for the S Pen. The digitizer contains vertical lines that can detect the copper coils in the S Pen’s tip, enabling accurate drawing on the device’s display. Additionally, he came across the shock dispersion layer, which at first glance appeared to be a piece of black foam with circular cutouts. Although Wilson initially dismissed its importance, he acknowledged that any protective layer is beneficial for the device’s longevity.

Moving on, Wilson removed the wireless charging pad, uncovering a blue Samsung pull tab attached to one of the two batteries. He demonstrated that pulling the tab was sufficient to detach the battery cells from the phone, without the need for any chemicals or alcohol. This simple process only required some physical strength, which Wilson efficiently demonstrated by removing the second battery as well.

Regarding the Flex hinge, Wilson explained that it consists of three parts: upper, middle, and lower segments. The folding resistance is provided by four springs that compress and pinch as the rest of the hinge moves closed.

Overall, Wilson’s disassembly of the Galaxy Z Fold 5 showcased the new features that Samsung has incorporated into its latest foldable device. While some aspects, such as the shock dispersion layer, may not seem particularly exciting, any additional protection for the device is considered valuable. It becomes evident why Samsung doesn’t emphasize these features extensively, as they might not have the same “wow” factor as other aspects of the device. Nevertheless, Wilson’s teardown provides a fascinating insight into the internal components and mechanisms of the Galaxy Z Fold 5.

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