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Potential Change in Titanium Frame Color for the iPhone 15 Pro Due to Oily Fingers

You’re eating through a bag of chips and your spick-and-span iPhone 15 Pro is sitting across the table when a notification illuminates the screen.

You get up, wash your hands, dry them with a towel, then take a wet wipe and finally rub some degreaser on your fingers. You check who’s texting you and put down the iPhone 15 Pro. Still, there are holding marks on the titanium frame. Why?

This scenario, of course, is just a joke, but Apple just updated their Cleaning your iPhone guidelines and in it, they state something quite interesting. “For iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, the oil from your skin might temporarily alter the color of the outside band. Wiping your iPhone with a soft, slightly damp, lint-free cloth will restore the original look”.

The “outside band” is the newly introduced titanium frames on both the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max, which cuts down the weight and makes them the lightest Pros ever (via 9to5Mac).

So, holding Apple’s 2023 flagship without a case could result – even if you think you don’t have oily, greasy fingers – in a temporary color change of the titanium frame. That’s exciting news for the people who find the new Pro duo’s colors boring – there’s a way to introduce some hue uniqueness now, right? We think they’re amazingly well-designed, but that’s just us.

It’s interesting to see how common this color alteration will be, and more importantly: will the temporary effect turn into a non-removable defect in the long term? We’re many months away from the answer. Some will never have to worry about that, as they will immediately put their iPhone 15 Pro in a case. So, it’s on the ones who prefer it raw and natural to check when and if their titanium frames turn into a coloring book (just a very expensive one).

On a side note: will different types of skin produce… different color alterations on the titanium frame? The possibilities could be endless.

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