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Reduced Moment of Inertia Makes iPhone 15 Pro Feel Surprisingly Light

The iPhone 15 Pro from Apple has made a significant change in its design by featuring titanium sides instead of stainless steel. This switch has resulted in a weight reduction of up to 9 percent for the premium models. While this may not seem like a major difference, individuals who have had hands-on experience with the phones have reported that they feel notably lighter compared to the iPhone 14 Pro.

Dr. Drang from Lean Crew, as reported by MacRumors, has shed light on the reasons behind this improved manageability. The iPhone 15 Pro weighs 187 grams, which accounts for a weight reduction of 9 percent when compared to its predecessor. Similarly, the iPhone 15 Pro Max weighs 221 grams, meaning it is 8 percent lighter than the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Although the reduction in weight is only single-digit, it has a noticeable impact on the overall feel of the phones. Dr. Drang explains that even though our brains may perceive a small percentage drop in weight as insignificant, it is still sufficient to create a lighter sensation when holding the device.

Additionally, another contributing factor is the concept of the moment of inertia. This refers to an object’s resistance to change in its rotation direction. When using a phone, the moment of inertia is nearly as crucial as mass since it affects how the device is handled. It depends on both the object’s mass and the distribution of that mass in relation to the axis of rotation.

In the case of the iPhone 15 Pro, Apple’s decision to employ titanium for the phone’s frame, instead of stainless steel, has caused the weight reduction to be concentrated on the sides rather than being evenly distributed. As a result, the moment of inertia has decreased by approximately 14 to 15 percent on the longer side of the phone, making it easier to maneuver. This creates a perception that the iPhone 15 Pro is much lighter than its predecessor, the iPhone 14 Pro.

In summary, the shift from stainless steel to titanium has not only reduced the mass of the iPhone 15 Pro but has also significantly impacted the moment of inertia. This reduction in mass at the perimeter has made handling the device easier, ultimately providing users with a more comfortable experience. With its reduced weight and the illusion of being even lighter, the iPhone 15 Pro is poised to become one of the top smartphones of 2023.

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