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Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Ultra Leak Confirms Key Visual Change Decision

Phones Canada is excited about the launch of the Galaxy S24 series, which is rumored to be just around the corner. According to ace leaker Ice Universe, accessory makers are already preparing for the release and have shared images of screen protectors designed for the upcoming phones.

From the leaked images, it appears that the Galaxy S24 phones will have a similar overall design to their predecessors. The standard and Plus models feature rounded corners, while the Ultra model retains the sharp corners of its predecessor.

One notable change is the absence of a curved screen for the Galaxy S24 Ultra, which is a departure from its predecessor. Additionally, reports suggest that the phones will have symmetrical bezels, which may be slightly thinner than the current generation.

While it’s not immediately apparent from the images, the Galaxy S24 is expected to have a slightly bigger screen and a slimmer profile. On the other hand, the other two models are rumored to be slightly thicker than their predecessors.

The most significant change is the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s flat screen, a departure from the curved screens seen in previous models. This change may be welcomed by many users, as curved screens are prone to accidental touches and can be challenging to use with a stylus.

On the other hand, curved screens make larger phones like the 6.8-inch Galaxy S23 Ultra more comfortable to hold and help to conceal side bezels. It seems that users may need to compromise on certain aspects when choosing their ideal phone.

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