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Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Ultra Mini: How Samsung Can Compete with iPhone by Addressing This Issue

Samsung’s Ultra flagship is one of the most uncomfortable phones to use with one hand, and I’m ready to fight anybody who disagrees.

If we do get into an actual fight, I’d insist I use my Galaxy S23 Ultra as a weapon though. The sharp edges and considerable weight of Samsung’s premium flagship will do more damage than just about any other phone on the market. That being said, I’m not being a “hater”. I must admit there’s something quite satisfying in the square display and design of the Galaxy S23 Ultra, so I can’t say I’m disappointed that the Note design makes a return with the new Galaxy S24 Ultra.

So, you know what? Maybe Samsung should keep this design around. Not many phones look like this nowadays. But hold on… This doesn’t mean I’m OK with using a phone that’s uncomfortable to hold. So… How do we make a flagship like the Galaxy S24 Ultra usable for people who don’t like carrying bricks in their pockets?

We make a smaller version of this premium flagship phone. Like the iPhone 15 Pro.

Galaxy S24 Ultra: People want and need a smaller version of Samsung’s premium flagship – iPhone 15 Pro is proof

I suppose saying I wish there was a smaller version of Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Ultra isn’t enough. So, why should Samsung make my wish come true? Let’s take a look at a few good reasons…

Smaller premium flagship phones are still more popular than large ones

I can’t possibly be sitting here thinking I have a better understanding of the smartphone market than Samsung, but the numbers highlighted prove a smaller version of the premium Galaxy Ultra flagship might not be a terrible idea.

Samsung is already making two sizes of its vanilla flagship, and I strongly believe the company might be leaving some money on the table by ignoring offering more choices in the Ultra (premium) Galaxy range.

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