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Samsung’s Integration of AI with Camera Sensors Could Enhance Mobile Photography

AI is the biggest trend in the tech world and according to reports, companies like SK Hynix and Samsung are working on incorporating AI capabilities with image sensors to revolutionize the industry. SK Hynix is developing its “On-sensor AI” technology, while Samsung aims to become a top provider of image sensors by integrating AI into their products. This move is seen as a way to compete with industry leader Sony, who currently dominates the market.

Samsung has already showcased its Zoom Anyplace technology, which leverages AI to deliver full-frame 4K video recording along with zoomed-in capabilities. The technology uses AI to automatically track subjects during close-ups, giving users a seamless experience. In addition, Samsung has ambitious plans to develop “Humanoid Sensors” that replicate human senses and create AI image sensors that can capture invisible things by 2027.

At its recent SK Hynix TechSummit event, the company unveiled its advancement in embedding image sensors onto AI chips, enabling on-sensor AI processing. This is expected to enhance image quality, reduce processing time, and lower energy consumption. Similarly, Samsung is also prioritizing AI integration in image sensors to lead in the era of ‘Proactive AI’, focusing on high-performance algorithms and technologies.

The image sensor market, which saw a decline during the pandemic, is now experiencing a resurgence due to demand from various sectors including mobile devices, mixed reality headsets, self-driving vehicles, and more. Samsung is banking on the integration of AI in its image sensors to enhance the photography experience on its smartphones and other devices.

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