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Screenshot reveals nearly 100% certainty of satellite connectivity on the Galaxy S24

New Leak Confirms Emergency Satellite Connectivity on the Galaxy S24

It’s easy to get lost in the Galaxy S24-related news and rumors, now that the series’ premiere is just weeks ahead and everybody is anticipating the latest and greatest from Samsung.

One of the features to be found in the new top-notch Galaxy line could be an emergency satellite connection – something we’ve mentioned several times in our reports.

Now, there’s another leak that kicks the probability of having such a useful (and life-saving) feature in the Galaxy S24 straight out of the rumor field and into the area of certainty.

A new leak has confirmed that the Galaxy S24 could let you text via satellite in emergencies, much like the new iPhones allow users to (via SamMobile).

The report shows a new screenshot from a Galaxy phone, which reveals what Samsung might call an emergency texting feature that will debut with the Galaxy S24. The feature is dubbed ‘Emergency texts via satellite’. So, if you find yourself in a situation where you try to call emergency services but you’re out of range or not connected to a mobile network, Samsung will let you send an emergency text via satellite.

That means you’ll be able to send vital information on your whereabouts, or your GPS location to emergency response teams and get help. It remains to be seen where this feature will be first available, if present, and what countries it could expand to in the near future.

When you choose to send a message via satellite from your iPhone, you will see that you can report five types of emergencies:

  • A car or vehicle issue
  • Sickness or Injury
  • Crime
  • Lost or Trapped
  • Fire

Your iPhone will then walk you through the process of connecting to a satellite. It will show you messages like “Turn right” or “Turn left” until it connects.

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