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Snapchat+ Expands AI Capabilities with Image Zooming and Snap Generation

Snapchat, like many other apps these days, takes advantage of the use of AI. Snapchat’s My AI suite offers similar functionality to OpenAI’s ChatGPT or Google’s Bar. Although not all Snapchat users want to leverage the AI functionality, as evidenced by around 25K people monthly searching on Google for ways to disable Snapchat’s My AI, Snapchat remains committed to enhancing its AI-powered tools.

In a recent update reported by Engadget, Snapchat+ subscribers can now zoom out images with a single click, making the social media app even more user-friendly. For instance, if you have a close-up snapshot of your pet, click “Crop” on the menu, then hit “Extend” at the bottom, and that is it—your extended image is ready.

The updated My AI also empowers subscribers to generate Snaps with a simple prompt. Click the “AI” button on the right in the viewfinder, type in your desired prompt, and shortly, you will have an image to customize before sharing. Snapchat recommends trying out playful prompts like “a dog sleeping on a rocket” or “a futuristic disco.”

Additionally, the Dreams feature now enables the creation of portraits with friends. On the Dreams page, choose a friend, hit “Done,” and you will be able to share the generated portrait of both of you. Snapchat+ subscribers receive one pack of eight Dreams selfies monthly, while non-subscribers get one pack as a free trial before considering the $4-a-month service. Regardless, all users can purchase additional packs for $0.99 each.

Snapchat faces tough competition from Meta, which provides comparable features for free. Meta has recently begun testing new AI features across its social apps, prompting Snapchat to continually introduce innovative AI-powered tools to maintain a dynamic and enjoyable platform.

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