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Telegram’s latest update allows users to host giveaways

Telegram Giveaway Announcement

Telegram has just announced that channel owners can now host giveaways to offer their followers various prizes, including free subscriptions to Telegram Premium.

These free subscriptions will be in addition to any other prizes being distributed, and winners will be randomly selected from eligible channels. Even if you’re already a Premium user, you can enter to win a free subscription, which you can then pass on to a friend.

To enter for a chance to win a free Telegram Premium subscription, interested individuals must join by November 13.

Channel owners have the ability to specify whether all subscribers or only new ones are eligible for the giveaways. They can also choose specific countries or require that participants subscribe to other channels. Additionally, Premium subscriptions for giveaways must be purchased in advance by the channel owners.

Furthermore, Telegram has announced that each Premium account will now receive 4 boosts instead of just one, allowing users to spread these boosts among their channels or give multiple boosts to one channel. Those who gift Premium subscriptions to others will also receive 3 boosts for their account, while the recipient will get 1 boost.

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