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The absence of chronological search in Threads due to potential spam takeover of search results

If you’re not one of the people who comprised the 82% that chose to drop out of Threads weeks after its summer debut, you’re probably still hanging around at Meta’s X/Twitter clone.

Probably, you’re wondering why there’s no chronological search at your disposal.

Here’s Instagram and Threads head Adam Mosseri who took a moment of his busy schedule to explain things. According to him, this would create substantial safety loopholes:

In a video post, Mosseri explains that “if something happens in the world”, spammers and bad actors “can pummel the search results page by just adding the right word with their spam links” (via Android Headlines).

Mosseri says that there are a few ways to combat this, like having a search results page that takes into account both chronology and quality. However, Mosseri said that Threads being the arbiter of which results are worthy of appearing would bring censorship concerns. With all this in mind, he didn’t rule it out in the future.

Just don’t expect search results at Threads to be listed in the order in which they were posted – at least not in the very near future.

“It’s just not as straightforward as people like to make it out to be,” Mosseri said. “But we are definitely exploring all of the options.”

Meanwhile, the Threads team is busy implementing other goods in the X/Twitter clone. Just last week, Threads said they’re on to improve the search functionality by expanding the availability of keyword search. This feature, now widely accessible, enables users to effortlessly find conversations centered on specific topics, fostering more engaging and informed discussions.

In mid-November, a far more important thing was made possible: Threads users can now finally delete their profile separately from Instagram.

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