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The exclusive Pixie dust could provide the Pixel 9 with a competitive advantage compared to other phones.

Google is in the process of developing a new AI-powered smart assistant that is expected to make its debut on the Pixel 9 next year. According to a report by The Information, the assistant will be powered by Google’s AI model Gemini, with the most efficient version, Gemini Nano, already running on the Pixel 8 Pro. The goal is to incorporate Gemini into more of Google’s products, and the company aims for Gemini to power an AI assistant called Pixie, which will be exclusive to Pixel devices.

Pixie will utilize data from Google products such as Gmail and Maps to offer more personalized assistance compared to Google Assistant. This preliminary description suggests that Pixie is similar to Assistant with Bard, which was announced in October as a personalized smart assistant that combines Assistant’s capabilities with the generative artificial intelligence chatbot Bard. However, since Pixie is expected to arrive next year, it may not be the same as Assistant with Bard, especially considering Google’s plan to enhance Assistant with Bard with new Gemini capabilities next year.

In addition to the development of Pixie, Google reportedly aims to bring AI features to its lower-end smartphones, as well as devices like smartwatches and glasses. Internal discussions suggest that Google is exploring the concept of AI-enabled glasses that can identify objects, provide advice on problem-solving, and offer guidance on using tools, hinting at the possibility of a camera-equipped wearable that delivers information through voice or display.

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