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The Return of Beeper Mini: A temporary comeback

The Beeper Mini app is back with an update after being blocked by Apple last week. This update restores functionality, but with a caveat. Beeper Mini initially allowed Android users to send texts as iMessages to iPhone users using their phone numbers, rather than an Apple ID email address. However, Apple blocked the app three days later, citing security and privacy risks to iPhone users.

The Beeper team worked to identify the issue and find a solution, fixing the problem for the Beeper Cloud version within 24 hours, followed by a fix for Beeper Mini today. The update is not yet on the Google Play Store, but users can download it directly from the Beeper site. However, the fix does not restore phone number registration, requiring all users to sign in with an Apple ID.

Beeper Mini has also dropped its subscription model for now, making the app free until things stabilize. The Beeper team refuted Apple’s claims, stating that the app actually made communication between Android and iPhone users more secure. However, it is clear that Apple will continue to try to shut down any efforts from the Beeper team to revive the app and restore phone number registration.

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