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The Tech World Battle: Spotify versus Apple in the Pursuit of Fair Play

Spotify has raised concerns about Apple’s App Store rules, stating that they create an unfair environment for competitors. The Swedish company believes that Apple’s restrictions hinder fair competition and prioritize Apple’s financial interests. Spotify’s frustration stemmed from the recent launch of audiobooks on their platform, as Apple allegedly obstructed the process. This not only affects the user experience but also prevents Spotify from informing customers about pricing upgrades and offering alternative payment options. Spotify also criticizes the requirement to obtain explicit approval from Apple before introducing new features. Dustee Jenkins, Chief public affairs officer at Spotify, expressed the reluctance to share sensitive business plans with a major competitor like Apple, as it may grant them an unfair advantage. Despite having more users compared to Apple Music, Spotify still considers Apple Music a significant competitor. The battle between Spotify and Apple dates back to 2019 when Spotify filed antitrust complaints against Apple in the European Union. European regulators have since intervened, showing progress in addressing these concerns. In the UK, the Parliament is working on the Digital Markets, Competition, and Consumers Bill, while in the US, Congress plans to reintroduce the Open App Markets Act. Spotify believes that this struggle extends beyond music and apps and aims to shape the future of the internet. The ball is now in Apple’s court, and their response will determine the next steps in this ongoing conflict.

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