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Thief Comes Up With Innovative Strategy to Steal iPhone 14 Plus from Apple Store, Eventually Caught

In recent years, there have been numerous cases of stolen iPhones, with thieves finding different ways to steal Apple devices. From robbers cutting holes in adjacent stores to snatch merchandise to gangs rushing into crowded Apple Stores, these incidents have been quite brazen. However, a recent attempt to steal an iPhone in China took a more comical turn.

According to the South China Morning Post (SCMP), a woman living in Fujian province was caught stealing an iPhone 14 Plus. What made this situation unique was the method she used to steal the device. She chewed through the anti-theft cable that secures the iPhones on display in the Apple Store and made her escape with the phone.

Fortunately, this incident was captured by the store’s security cameras, showcasing the woman’s unusual approach. The footage revealed her biting through the cable when there was no one around her. After leaving the store, the staff noticed that the cable connecting the iPhone 14 Plus demo was disconnected, and the phone was missing.

The Apple Store staff promptly notified the police, and the woman, surnamed Qiu, was arrested half an hour later. When questioned, she admitted that her initial intention was to purchase a new iPhone 14 Plus from the Apple Store. However, upon seeing the device’s price of 7,000 Yuan ($960), she decided to attempt stealing the demo instead. Unfortunately, her choice led her down the path of crime instead of law-abiding behavior.

It’s important to remember that stealing is a criminal act and can lead to severe consequences. We urge everyone to respect others’ property and always engage in lawful and ethical behavior.

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