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New Ad Reveals iPhone and Pixel’s Hilarious Spa Day, Uncovering iPhone’s Little Secret

The iPhone and Pixel are portrayed as best friends in the latest stop-motion ads created by Google. Instead of showcasing the differences between the two devices, the ads focus on their friendship. In the recent ad titled “Spa Days,” iPhone and Pixel are shown enjoying a relaxing day at a spa.

The ad begins with both phones placing cucumbers over their rear camera arrays, imitating how people place cucumbers over their eyes at spas. iPhone comments, “Pixel, a Spa day was the perfect idea.” The reason behind this is the upcoming stressful launch events for both devices – September 12th for the iPhone 15 line and October 4th for the Pixel 8 series.

During their spa session, iPhone reminisces about the past and mentions how “Sliding to Unlock” received applause during its unveiling 16 years ago. They share a laugh over this memory, but iPhone admits feeling a bit down. iPhone acknowledges that phones like Pixel can do things it can’t, such as unblurring old photos, answering unknown calls with AI, and live translating messages. However, iPhone assures Pixel that it still has some tricks up its sleeve.

Pixel becomes curious and asks about these tricks. iPhone teases Pixel by mentioning something under wraps and hints at the upcoming addition of a USB-C port on the 2023 iPhone models. Pixel, showing surprise, asks if iPhone is finally getting USB-C charging. iPhone wonders how Pixel knew, and Pixel playfully responds with a lucky guess.

The ad concludes with the tagline “Rest up for October 4,” reminding viewers of the upcoming unveiling of the Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro, Pixel Watch 2, and Pixel Buds Pro in Porcelain and Sky Blue colors that match the Pixel 8 Pro.

With this light-hearted ad, we can’t wait to see what adventures iPhone and Pixel will embark on next. Perhaps there will be an ad featuring their smaller counterparts – the Pixel 7a and iPhone SE. Stay tuned for more!

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