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Thinner and Lighter Camera Lenses Possible in iPhone 16 Pro with Molded Glass Technology

Smartphone companies are always competing to be the best, which is great for us consumers. It means we get to enjoy new and exciting gadgets, and it often leads to technological advancements. Apple is one of the major players in the industry, constantly pushing for innovation.According to rumors circulating, the upcoming iPhone 16 Pro might feature molded glass lenses. This change is aimed at reducing the camera bump, decreasing the weight of the device, and improving magnification. Suppliers are reportedly preparing for the 2024 iPhone lineup, with the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max potentially adopting molded glass technology to save space and weight.

Earlier rumors suggested that the iPhone 16 Pro would have a 120 mm Telephoto camera, potentially requiring a larger device size. This is where molded glass lenses can make a difference, as they are lighter and thinner. Additionally, molded lenses can provide greater magnification in a smaller package. It is likely that Apple will maintain the 24 mm and 120 mm focal lengths but with thinner lenses. This would be particularly beneficial for the iPhone 16 Pro, which is rumored to include tetraprism crystal for an extended Telephoto lens.

Manufacturers are already gearing up to produce molded lenses for the iPhone 16 Pro lineup. While Apple is leading the supply chain orders, other companies like Oppo and vivo may also explore the use of molded lenses as part of a broader trend.

If you’re curious about molded glass, it is a specific type of glass created by pouring molten glass into a mold and rapidly cooling it. This process results in highly robust and durable glass, making it ideal for applications like smartphones, where strength and durability are crucial.

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