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Try the AI Magic with a New Image Editor on Shopify

Back in ancient times, supermarkets used to hand out paper brochures with the week’s top offers. Naturally, you didn’t pay much attention to the product image – you focused on the price.

It’s only after you try to sell something online – and you need a cool product photo – that you realize there’s a thing called “product photography” and the eggs, ham or pineapple images didn’t just materialize out of thin air on the brochure’s pages.

See, the better photo an offer has, the higher the chances for a successful deal.

That’s why Shopify introduces a new tool to help out all who are selling products online. It’s an AI image editor that should aid users in creating more appealing and attractive images for their offers.

Moving beyond the product-on-a-rug aesthetic can be challenging, and you’ll be surprised to see just how much money big companies spend on setting up dedicated product photography studios with expensive backdrops. Not to mention the cameras, lenses and manpower a brand has to invest in.

Most people don’t have anything close to that, most people just have their iPhones and their bedrooms (via Android Headlines).

The way Shopify’s AI editor will operate is you’ll upload an image of your product, and suggest certain edits that can be made to it. For example, if you have a picture of a pair of headphones, and you want to look like they are in the sky, you can upload the image and ask the AI to generate a background of the sky. Just like other image generators, this tool has different visual styles.

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