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Get rid of robocalls and safeguard your online presence with Incogni’s exclusive deal

Now, that’s not illegal per se — in most cases, it is information that you have given away willingly, while registering for a website or a service. But at no point did you agree that this information should be used to flood you with offers — be they fraudulent or not.

While you may try to combat this by blocking numbers, not answering unknown callers, or deleting your emails in bulk, such solutions are hardly practical. Often, you may end up hanging up on the wrong person or not reading a message of some importance.

Thankfully, just as how there are data brokers looking to sell your data to 3rd parties, there is now a service that can help you scrub that data from their logs.

Introducing Incogni

Incogni is a new service, developed by veteran in the VPN field — Surfshark. All you need is to register for the service, provide the personal details that it should be on the lookout for, and let it do its thing. Incogni will utilize advanced algorithms to figure out which data brokers may be dealing with your contact information, and send requests that it be deleted. Not only that, if one such request is denied, Incogni will come back with an appeal automatically — it’s a set-and-forget type system.

In theory, you can do this yourself, yes. Thanks to laws such as CCPA, GDPR, and PIPEDA, you are completely within your right to ask any business that has your personal information to have it deleted off their records. And they are obligated by law to do so within a certain time period. This should, in theory, stop robocallers and spam mails from sites you’ve never visited.

Logistically, however, this is a nightmare — how does one even know where to look and where to appeal? It doesn’t help that each broker has their own opt-out process, as those aren’t standardized. Then, there’s the problem that, in due time, your data will end up in their data banks again — data brokers regularly scan public records, apps, social media platforms, and other services to fill out their lists.

Eventually, trying to keep your name, phone number, pictures, gender, hobbies and interests away from those that needn’t know them turns into a full time job.

But signing up for Incogni assures that such requests will be filed over and over again, every time the need arises. And, in order to help you make this step, the company slashes 50% off for annual subscribers — and 55% off for PhoneArena readers — just so you can be sure that your information is being looked after all year ’round.

How does Incogni work?

As you register for Incogni, you need to provide your primary contact details — the ones you consider personal and would rather not receive any robocalls or spam mails on. Phone number, name, email, even address if you will.

Incogni utilizes its expertise, fine-tuned algorithms pinpoint which data brokers are dealing with your details, and a team of actual humans oversee the process. You yourself will be able to observe their progress through a personal dashboard in your account, which will display who’s been contacted and who has already scrubbed your data. Any follow-up communication from the data broker, or refusals for that matter, will be further handled by Incogni’s system.

– Marketing data brokers
– Recruitment data brokers
– Financial information data brokers
– Risk mitigation data brokers
– People search sites

How long does it take to erase my data from the Internet?

The number is not exact and varies from one broker to the other. Ultimately, the laws give these companies a certain period of time to process and honor removal requests. According to Incogni experts, a most of them act from within 24 hours to up to two weeks. In some rare cases, it may take a while longer.

How much does Incogni cost?

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You can get Incogni for a month, see how it works for you. But with data collection, the beast is an ever-evolving creature — either another broker will pick up your data, or you will sign up for new apps and new services and get into the system again.

But fret not, an annual plan with Incogni is available at 50% off right now, with an extra 5% discount for PhoneArena readers! This means that Incogni can have your back all year round, regardless of how often your details end up in a data broker’s net. Remember to use our discount code at checkout and say bye-bye to robocalls and spam!

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