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Uncovered Code Reveals Google’s Strategy to Transform a Pixel 8 Pro Sensor into a Personal Health Device

The Pixel 8 Pro may soon come equipped with a temperature sensor, pending FDA approval. While it can currently only measure the surface temperature of objects, code found in version 4.06.7 of the Fitbit app suggests that you may soon be able to use the thermometer to monitor your body temperature.

Reports indicate that you’ll be able to save and store body temperature data to your Fitbit profile using the Pixel 8 Pro’s thermometer. This data will be displayed in the Fitbit app in the form of a graph, allowing you to track your temperature trends over time.

Strings of code in the Fitbit app also explain the difference between body temperature and skin temperature, and suggest that you may also be able to manually log your results.

While these features are not yet available, it’s clear that Google has ambitious plans for the Pixel 8 Pro’s thermometer sensor. For now, the focus is on obtaining FDA approval to make this feature an official health tool.

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