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Why are Google, Netflix, and Spotify teaming up against Apple’s Vision Pro to maintain their niche?

A well-known Apple analyst expressed concerns regarding the limited mass appeal of the debut Apple Vision Pro AR/VR headset. Although the preorder sales reached 180,000 units, it seems that demand is waning, in contrast to the typical frenzy surrounding iPhone launches. The $3,500 starting price of the Vision Pro could be the primary barrier to mass adoption, and additional challenges are already surfacing even before the official reviews are out. Following the launch, prominent content platforms like YouTube, Netflix, Meta, and Spotify announced that they have no plans to support the Vision Pro.

Why are Google, Netflix, and Spotify resisting the Apple Vision Pro?

The Vision Pro touts familiar apps such as Safari, Photos, Music, and Messages, but popular apps like YouTube, Netflix, and Spotify would only be accessible via the Safari browser, making the navigation experience cumbersome. This is a major drawback that Apple may need to address.

Google’s stance on the Vision Pro

Given Google’s tense relationship with Apple, it’s plausible that Google is less than enthusiastic about conceding yet another significant technology to Apple. This situation reflects the ongoing rivalry between the two tech giants.

Content streaming platforms’ resistance to the Vision Pro

Platforms such as Netflix and Spotify, which have previously clashed with Apple over subscription fees, may be slow to embrace another Apple ecosystem. Issues about the “tax” Apple imposes on subscriptions made via iOS and the fierce competition between giants in the streaming industry could also be contributing factors.

Apple Vision Pro and anticipated market demand

While initial preorder sales were promising, there are concerns that demand may decline after the initial surge. Developers and content providers are likely waiting to gauge the headset’s appeal before investing resources into app development and support for the platform.

In summary, the emergence of the Apple Vision Pro AR/VR headset has already encountered some resistance, and its future demand remains uncertain. The challenges presented by prominent content platforms could affect its mass appeal, at least in the short term.

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