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Why is it so difficult to persuade others to get a Pixel, despite my love for it?

It’s not uncommon to hear that a Pixel phone user is having a hard time convincing anyone to get a Pixel phone. Phones Canada came across a number of experiences recently that perfectly illustrate why.

It’s a matter of comfort (Case study #1)

The first instance came when a friend was looking to replace a Huawei phone. Despite the logical fit for a Pixel 6a, it was a struggle to get him to consider it, as he was more familiar with Chinese brands like Xiaomi and Poco. Even though the Google Pixel phone offered better features at a more competitive price, it was hard to get him to check it out. Only once he had the chance to see the Pixel 6a in action and test it out for himself did he realize that this was the phone for him.

The problem with rugged phones (Case study #2)

The second experience involved a friend who was looking for a rugged phone on a budget, and was looking mainly at older Ulefone models and even enterprise-oriented phones like the Galaxy Xcover. Despite the availability of Pixel phones with incredibly durable plastic backs and affordable rugged cases, it was difficult to get this friend to trust in the Pixel’s durability without firsthand proof. It wasn’t until the friend saw and tested out the Pixel 7a that he realized it was the best fit for his needs.

An unexpected struggle with stock (Case study #3)

The final example came when a friend was simply looking for a good phone overall. He wanted a new Android phone that could handle everything without breaking the bank. Despite suggesting the Pixel line, the friend encountered difficulties in finding a store where he could actually see and try out a Pixel phone in person. It wasn’t until they came up with a convoluted plan to order, test, and return a Pixel 7, that he finally discovered that the Pixel was the phone for him.

The common thread in all of these experiences is the struggle involved in getting people to consider a Pixel phone. Despite the range of unique features, competitive pricing, and solid capabilities, convincing people to even consider a Pixel is no small task. The experience serves to highlight why people might be reluctant to consider a Pixel phone, even when it’s the perfect fit for their needs.

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