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Samsung introduces a revolutionary concept phone with a unique twist on the popular foldable design

Samsung is currently showcasing a concept phone at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) called the “Flex in & Out Flip” concept device. This phone features a display that can be folded open and closed and bent backward to allow you to use the screen even when it is closed. The display measures 6.7 inches, the same as the Galaxy Z Flip 5, and when it is bent backward, one side of the display is larger than the other to prevent the cameras from being blocked.

The larger side of the display has enough room to display some icons in the quick settings menu, the time and battery life remaining, and media playback controls. While this concept phone would make for an interesting upgrade to the Galaxy Z Flip series, the latter still remains the most popular foldable phone in the world. As a result, Samsung is not in any rush to make changes to its foldable clamshell phone just for the sake of making a change.

However, Samsung may be more interested in expediting the development of the “Flex in & Out” concept for its book-style foldable. Last summer, Samsung Display released a video showing a similar concept for its book-style foldable phone. It is a Galaxy Z Fold-type model that can close like a book, but also close by bending the screen backward, allowing half of the once internal display to become an external screen.

It is expected that work on this concept will pick up steam, especially as consumers have been complaining about the lack of changes in the design of Samsung’s foldable phones. While Samsung has improved the Galaxy Z Flip 5 by increasing the size and capabilities of the model’s external display, it has faced criticism for not making changes to the design of the Galaxy Z Fold 5.

It will still be a few years before consumers can purchase a phone with the “Flex in & Out Flip” concept, and by then, Samsung will likely introduce new features that take advantage of the phone’s ability to fold the internal display backward.

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