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A Review of Chatr Mobile: Plans, Coverage, and Pricing

Looking for affordable prepaid plans with solid data options and unlimited talk and text? Chatr Mobile may be the right choice for you. Chatr offers 4G and 3G prepaid plans on Rogers’ reliable nationwide network, covering 97% of Canadians.


– Affordable prepaid plans: Chatr offers a wide range of affordable plans to meet different customers’ needs. From the $15/month plan with 100 Canada-wide minutes and unlimited international text to the $75/month plan with 54GB of 4G data, Chatr has options for everyone.

– Coverage on Rogers’ nationwide network: Chatr Mobile operates on the trusted and reliable Rogers network, ensuring connectivity across the country.

– All plans are BYOP: Customers can bring their own devices, avoiding high monthly payments and fees.


– Limited smartphone options: Chatr offers a limited selection of smartphones, with no financing options available.

– Limited number of 4G plans: While Chatr offers affordable data plans, some of the best plans are limited to 3G speeds, which may not be ideal for streaming content.

Although Chatr Mobile has its strengths, it faces tough competition from carriers like Public Mobile and Lucky Mobile, which offer more options and value with their plans and smartphones.

If you’re considering a new cell phone plan, we recommend exploring other flanker brands before making your decision to ensure you get the best value for your money. For more details on the best prepaid plans in Canada, check out our guide to the best cheap cell phone plans.

Our team thoroughly evaluated Chatr Mobile based on price, plan features, data, perks, and coverage to provide you with comprehensive information on the carrier.

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