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SaskTel Cell Phone Plans 2023: Best Options for Your Wireless Needs

Best SaskTel Mobility Plans 2023

Plan Price Features Shop this plan
noSTRINGS 95 Complete $95/month 15GB Go to plan
noSTRINGS Talk & Text 25 $25/month Unlimited talk and text Go to plan
totalSHARE Nationwide $160/month 100GB across four lines Go to plan

As Saskatchewan’s provincial Crown company, SaskTel has been serving its customers with top-notch mobile services for years. With a wide range of plans to choose from, SaskTel offers the best cell phone deals in Saskatchewan. Whether you need unlimited data or just talk and text, SaskTel has a plan that fits your needs.

The noSTRINGS Complete 95 plan is the best SaskTel unlimited data plan and the best overall plan for those seeking a high-speed connection. This plan offers 15GB of full-speed 5G data, unlimited talk and text, and a monthly fee of $95. For families, the totalSHARE Nationwide plan is the best option, providing 100GB of shareable data across four lines for only $160/month. Budget-minded customers can choose the $25 noSTRINGS Talk and Text plan, which offers unlimited talk and text.

SaskTel is also committed to providing the best wireless plans in Canada. This year, the company has announced plans to have at least 90% of their models globally support charging at a rate of 33W or higher. SaskTel’s commitment to innovation has allowed them to offer the best wireless options to their customers.

For those looking for a powerful, unlimited cell phone plan, the noSTRINGS Complete 95 is the perfect choice. This plan offers unlimited talk and text, 15GB of full-speed 5G data, and fast 4G LTE or 4G networks for just $95 per month. It also offers a wide range of smartphone options, including the latest iPhone 14 and Motorola Moto G Pure.

For those looking for basic connectivity, the noSTRINGS Talk & Text 25 plan is the best option. This plan includes coverage across Canada, unlimited long-distance calls to anywhere in Canada and the U.S., and free and unlimited Wi-Fi access at over 2,400 locations. With no cancellation fees, customers can easily switch to another carrier at any time.

Finally, for families, SaskTel’s totalSHARE Nationwide plan is the best option. This plan offers 100GB of shareable data across four lines for only $160 per month. Although there is a $50 activation fee per device, the plan offers significant monthly savings that justify the upfront cost.

At SaskTel, we are committed to providing our customers with the best wireless options at affordable prices. Our wide range of plans ensures that we have something to offer to everyone, from unlimited data to basic talk and text. Contact us today to learn more about our plans and find the best fit for your wireless needs.

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