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Top Koodo Cell Phone Plans for 2023

Best Koodo Cell Phone Plans

Koodo is a budget-minded cell phone provider owned by Telus Communications. The best plan that Koodo offers is 20GB of 4G data for $39/month and allows you to bring your own phone or finance a new iPhone or Android. We’re also fans of the No Tab/BYO with 40GB Data, which we think is a great option for those customers who use more mobile data per month but are tired of unreasonably high bills. We’re equally impressed with Koodo’s basic options, especially its $35/month plan, which gives users 3GB of 3G data per month. You get great features with Koodo, too. All of Koodo’s plans include Shock-Free Data to help you avoid overages. You can also use Koodo’s Refer-A-Friend program to save up to $300 per year. Read on to find out which Koodo plan is best for you to take advantage of these perks.

Best Overall Koodo Cell Phone Plan

Strong cell phone plan choices come down to features and value. You get plenty of both from our favourite Koodo plan.

No Tab/BYO with 20GB Data | $39/month—Best plan for most people

Koodo’s best overall plan includes 20GB of 4G data, unlimited Canada-wide calling, and international texting. You can easily connect to friends and loved ones around the world. Most Canadian customers don’t use more than 6GB of data, so 20GB is more than enough for most customers. With 20GB of data, you can scroll through apps like Twitter and Instagram regularly, but you’ll want to track your data usage to ensure you don’t run out early. We love that you can also pick up a new phone with this plan. Devices like the Pixel 7 and iPhone 14 are among the newer options you can finance over a two-year term on the No Tab plan.

Best Premium Koodo Cell Phone Plan

If you’re a gamer, a streamer, or someone working from home, you know you’ll need more data and Koodo’s got you covered.

No Tab/BYO with 40GB Data | $62/month—Best plan for power users

Whether you’re bringing your own phone or picking up something new like the Samsung Galaxy S23, Koodo’s $60 No Tab plan makes a great pairing. Customers who pick up this plan will love the freedom to scroll TikTok or catch up on YouTube while you’re on the go. You also get the same unlimited Canada-wide calling and international texting. While 40GB is a lot of data, it’s still not unlimited, so be sure to check your usage periodically.

Best Basic Koodo Cell Phone Plan

Koodo’s Starter plan gets customers up and running by offering a good deal on basic service.

No Tab/BYO with 3GB Data | $35/month—Best for basic connectivity

Whether you’re looking for a phone plan for a senior, a child, or someone who doesn’t need much data, Koodo’s 3GB plan is a great pick-up. The data speeds are limited to 3G, but you still get to enjoy the unlimited Canada-wide calling and international texting included with the more expensive plans. With your 3GB of data, simple tasks like checking your email or the occasional photo share won’t be a problem, but you’ll want to stay away from streaming too much video content.

Koodo Coverage Area

Cell phone service from Koodo runs off of the nation’s best network, Telus. Through collaboration with Bell, Canadians are covered nearly everywhere in the country on Telus’ network. Use the interactive map below to confirm that you’ll have service in the areas you visit most often.

Koodo Deals and Features


One of the easiest ways to save on your phone bill is to take advantage of the referral program that Koodo offers. You and the customer you refer will receive five $5/month bill credits, for a total of $25. Through Refer-A-Friend, you can save up to $300 per year. Follow Koodo’s instructions to take advantage of the Refer-A-Friend program.

Shock-Free Data

Shock-Free Data is another feature you may want to take advantage of on Koodo plans. As you approach your data limit, you’ll receive alerts at 50%, 90%, and 100% of your data usage. Since Koodo doesn’t offer unlimited data, your ability to use your data services will freeze at 100%. This feature prevents you from getting an unexpectedly expensive bill with data overage charges.

Easy Roam

While in the United States, you can use your phone exactly as you would in Canada for $14/day with Koodo’s Easy Roam feature. Unlike other carriers that operate their roaming by the calendar day, Koodo uses a 24-hour timer for each $14 charge. It’s pricey but better than no service or dealing with the hassle of switching carriers to travel. However, you may want to consider another carrier for extended stays. When you travel to a country—other than the United States—that’s covered by Easy Roam, it’s a $16/day rate. Check the countries Easy Roam covers before you travel to ensure you’ll be covered and won’t be responsible for expensive pay-per-use rates.

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