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Top Cell Phone Plans for Saskatchewan Residents

Saskatchewan offers some of the best cell phone plans in Canada, thanks to SaskTel. As a result, the Big Three of Bell, Rogers, and Telus are forced to offer lower prices in this region.

The best unlimited plan in Saskatchewan is Telus’ Unlimited 100 5G+, which provides 100GB of full-speed 5G data for $90/month. For sharing, SaskTel’s totalSHARE Nationwide plan offers 25GB of 4G LTE data across three lines for just $100/month. If you’re looking for a more affordable option, we recommend Chatr’s $30 Nationwide Talk, Text & 3G Data plan, a no-frills prepaid option that gives customers access to the nationwide Rogers network.

Saskatchewan has great coverage provided by several carriers, and their 5G and LTE networks cover most of the province. Want to find out more about the best cell phone plans in Saskatchewan for November 2023? Read on for all the details.

**Best Unlimited Data Plan in Saskatchewan**

*Telus | Unlimited 100 5G+ | $90/month*

This plan offers 100GB of full-speed 5G data on Telus’ reliable nationwide network, along with unlimited talk and text. You also have the option to bring your own phone or pair a new smartphone with the plan.

**Best Sharing Plan in Saskatchewan**

*SaskTel | totalSHARE Nationwide | $100/month*

This plan offers 25GB of 4G LTE data shareable across three lines and provides nationwide coverage through partnerships with other carriers.

**Best Prepaid Plan in Saskatchewan**

*Chatr Mobile | Nationwide Talk, Text & 3G Data | $30/month*

This prepaid plan offers reliable nationwide coverage on the Rogers network and includes data at 3G speeds, making it a good deal for those who primarily use their phones for talk and text.

For more information on wireless coverage in Saskatchewan, including the coverage maps for each carrier, please visit our website. Thanks for reading!

*Methodology: Picking the best cell phone plans in Saskatchewan*

We compared all the plans available in Saskatchewan, focusing on price, features, performance, and popularity among consumers. Carriers are not required to advertise with us to have their plans listed on our site or considered for “Best of” titles. Our experts regularly audit cell phone plans and costs buried in the fine print to provide the most up-to-date and accurate information. We will change these ratings as necessary.

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