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Always-on display on Pixel 8 Pro causes pink/yellow text bug for owners

Pixel 8 Pro Display Bug: Pink/Yellow Text Issue

Recently, Google rolled out its Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. Those who hopped on the pre-order train first are already getting their hands on Google’s latest and greatest. The Pixel 8 series is making waves with its great performance and an impressive integration of AI, showcasing Google’s creative use of artificial intelligence. However, as with most tech, there are a few bumps in the road.

As per reports, users have taken to Reddit to share a peculiar issue with the Pixel 8 Pro, particularly related to its always-on display. Some reports mention text appearing in shades of pink and yellow on a small portion of the screen, usually at the side or top.

This color shift seems to occur when the text transitions from white. Interestingly, it is more noticeable in low-light settings. Once the display is fully lit up again, everything returns to normal, including the text.

This issue seems to be prevalent in both the Pixel 8 Pro’s stable software release and the Android 14 QPR1 Beta. While the focus is on software issues, the possibility of a hardware glitch can’t be ruled out entirely. It’s early days to definitively say, but there is a chance that a software update might do the trick and fix the problem.

Though not a major crisis, it is undoubtedly frustrating to encounter glitches on a shiny new $1,000 smartphone. No device is immune to potential problems, but it is reassuring when manufacturers step up to address them. Here’s hoping Google does just that. We will be keeping an eye on how things unfold for the Pixel 8 Pro.

Meanwhile, users of the previous Pixel 7 Pro are still wrestling with challenges like screen flickering and unsightly green tints. Some even report vertical columns of white or yellow light. Despite replacements and software updates, these issues persist, adding a dash of frustration for Pixel 7 Pro owners.

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