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Top Bell Cell Phone Plans for September 2023

Phones Canada Team presents: The Best Bell Phone Plans for August 2023

Bell Mobility, Canada’s largest and oldest telecommunications company, offers a wide range of services including wireless, internet, and cable TV. In partnership with Telus, Bell has built the country’s largest high-speed wireless 4G LTE network and now offers nationwide 5G coverage for most Canadians. Here are the best phone plans from Bell for August 2023:

1. Best Overall: Essential 75GB Plan
– Price: $85/month
– Features: 75GB of full-speed shareable data, Nationwide Unlimited Talk & Text
– Additional Information: You can use more than 75GB, but data speed will be reduced. Access to Bell’s 5G network in select areas. Trade-in eligible phones for up to $700 credit.

2. Best Student Plan: Promo 50 (Student Plan)
– Price: $55/month
– Features: 50GB of full-speed 5G data, unlimited talk and text in Canada and the U.S.
– Additional Information: Bring your phone or purchase a new one through Bell SmartPay. Financing options available.

3. Best Family Plan: Unlimited Share Family Plan
– Price: $180/month
– Features: 70GB shareable data across four lines
– Additional Information: Bring your own phones and activate them at reduced rates. Enjoy six months of Crave + Movies + HBO with activation or upgrade through Bell SmartPay.

4. Best Bring-Your-Own-Phone Plan: $30 Prepaid Voice and Data Plan
– Price: $30/month
– Features: Unlimited nationwide minutes, unlimited international texting, 500MB data (with limited-time bonus of 500MB)
– Additional Information: Plan needs to be activated through Bell’s automatic top-up program. No contract required.

Please note that the Essential 75GB Plan is available for the same price in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, while Quebec offers the Ultimate 50GB Plan for $65/month.

Our selection of the best Bell cell phone plans is based on price, network coverage, unique features, perks, and popularity among consumers. We regularly update our information to provide the most accurate details.

Choosing the right phone:
If you’re also in the market for a new phone, our comprehensive guide can help you find the perfect device based on your needs, wants, and budget.

Considering a carrier change?
If you’re considering switching carriers, consider your specific needs. Rogers provides a wide range of mobile plans for families and multiple devices. For excellent customer service, Koodo, Fido, and Virgin Mobile are top choices. Telus offers the fastest and most reliable network for travelers. Check out our comparative guide to Bell, Rogers, and Telus for more information.

Regional carriers and MVNOs:
Regional carriers operate in limited areas and partner with major providers. MVNOs, or mobile virtual network operators, offer access to major networks at discounted rates. Some popular options include 7-Eleven SpeakOut, Cityfone, and PC Mobile.

Compare coverage maps:
Compare the coverage of different carriers by selecting a network below and zooming in to see their footprint.

Sign a contract or not?
Contrary to common myth, you don’t need to sign a contract! Explore the flexibility of contract-free plans provided by Bell and other carriers.

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