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Support for Google Meet and Zoom on the Nest Hub Max will cease by September

Google is discontinuing the video call capabilities of Google Meet and Zoom on its Nest Hub Max device, according to reports from 9to5Google. This decision has left many users disappointed, as the Nest Hub Max was often purchased with the intention of using it for hands-free video calls.

The announcement came through a message from Google Meet, stating that joining meetings would no longer be available on the device starting from September 28th. Zoom also made a similar announcement in July, stating that support for Zoom on the Nest Hub Max would end on September 30th, 2023.

This news has led to frustration among Nest Hub Max owners, with many expressing their disappointment on platforms like Reddit. Users had bought the device specifically for video calls, particularly to help elderly family members stay connected during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some are even considering returning the device or looking for alternatives, as they feel that Google is taking away a key feature that was advertised and expected.

Despite the removal of Google Meet and Zoom, it is expected that the Nest Hub Max will continue to support other features such as Look and Talk to activate Assistant, as well as functioning as a Nest Cam. The device has a camera with a 6.5 MP resolution, which is suitable for quick video calls.

There is currently no official statement from Google on why they have decided to discontinue the video call capabilities on the Nest Hub Max. However, tech news outlet 9to5Google is reaching out to Google for more information and clarification on this matter.

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