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Default notes and shopping lists on Google Assistant now set to use Keep.

Google Assistant Will Now Use Google Keep for Notes and Shopping Lists

Google Assistant will now use Google Keep as its default (and only option) for new notes and shopping lists. This replaces the legacy note and list system the Assistant used in the past and the company already has a migration plan in place.

As spotted by tech website 9to5Google, the migration process should be fairly straightforward, with no action necessary on the users’ part. This process will begin in November 2023, after which point Google Shopping List will redirect to Google Keep.

This means that you will no longer be able to access your notes and lists from or Instead, you will need to use Google Keep to access new and old lists created with the Assistant.

However, there are a few edge cases where your notes and lists might not be moved, such as family notes created on Smart Displays that have a large amount of items or characters. In these rare cases where the notes or lists are not moved automatically, Google will have this data available for users to download through Google Takeout until May 1, 2024. Note that after this date, the data will be automatically deleted from Google’s servers.

Old Shopping List and new Keep setup via Assistant Settings

The migrated data will be available within the Google Keep app or site and will be noted by a chip that identifies them as notes or lists that were previously in the legacy system. You will also be able to use Google Assistant to manage your Google Keep data, but you will need to explicitly give the Assistant permission to do so. These permissions can be set from within the Google Assistant settings on your iOS or Android device where you will be able to designate Keep as your notes and lists provider.

This change is part of Google’s ongoing effort to clean up old Assistant functionality and integrate it with Google Keep. Earlier this year, Google moved reminders to Google Tasks. Google also discontinued third-party Notes & Lists integration.

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