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Discover the truth behind T-Mobile’s deceptive forced migration strategy and learn about your opportunity to not participate

T-Mobile Migrating Customers to New Plans: How to Opt-Out

Just a few days ago we showed you a leaked T-Mobile internal memo that revealed how the carrier plans on migrating subscribers from its older plans to newer and pricier plans. Sure, the more expensive plans might have a few more perks, but not all customers want to pay more to be forced to switch wireless plans. T-Mobile customers should start receiving notifications this Tuesday warning them that the new plan they are being migrated to will cost them about $10 more per month. The new plans and pricing start with the November billing cycle.

Those currently on a Simple Choice/Select Choice plan will end up with a Magenta or an Essentials plan. T-Mobile customers already on a Magenta plan will find themselves switched to Go5G, and subscribers to the Magenta 55+ plan will be moved to Go5G 55+. On the ONE plan now? You’ll be switched to Go5G. And business customers who belong to Simple Choice Business will end up on Business Unlimited Advanced.

You’ll get a chuckle reading how T-Mobile spins this forced migration to higher-priced plans

Now there is a way to opt out of the migration and we will tell you how to do it. But first, look at how T-Mobile is spinning this migration. The carrier says, “We are not raising the price of any of our plans; we are moving you to a newer plan with more benefits at a different cost.” Yes, we guess this is true, but still not customer-friendly since the decision to switch to a more expensive plan isn’t exactly yours to make.

Under John Legere (L) America fell in love with T-Mobile. Current CEO Mike Sievert is on the right.

You can opt out of the migration, according to The Mobile Report. But before you do anything, you should wait until you receive a notification from the carrier that says you are one of its customers forced to switch to a pricier plan. If you don’t receive one, you’re not being forced to switch plans and you should have nothing to worry about. If you do receive a notification, one way to opt out is to call T-Mobile at 1-800-937-8997. Tell the rep that you want to opt out of the planned migration and that you want the opt out code added to your account.

You can also make your demand via X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter. T-Force is the T-Mobile customer service team and you can send them a DM (Direct Message) with your request to opt out. The same goes for Facebook. Send a message about your desire to opt out but you’ll be asked to verify your identity if this is the first time you’ve been in contact with T-Mobile on this platform.

The T-Mobile app has a built-in support chat option that you can access by tapping the chat icon on the top right of the screen while logged in. You can install the app from the App Store for iOS users, and the Play Store for Android users. Once the app is installed on your phone, you can send a message using the support chat option stating that you want to opt-out of the migration. No matter which method you use to opt-out, you should call the carrier afterwards to make sure that they have received your request. And since the migration will take place in November, time might be of the essence here.

There was a time when T-Mobile put its customers first

There was a time when T-Mobile was hungry and did everything it could for its customers. It had a CEO who made sure that he was in touch with the people and actually knew about the phones his firm was selling. This was the version of T-Mobile that the American public fell in love with. Now it seems that T-Mobile is more interested in making its stockholders happy.

I wonder if once again we are in an era where the top guys running the show at all U.S. wireless firms are strictly businessmen crunching numbers and couldn’t tell you the difference between a chipset and a potato chip.

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