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Serious Screen Defect Plagues Certain iPhone 15 Pro Max Models

iPhone 15 Pro Max Experiencing Screen Burn-in Issues

According to tech enthusiasts, Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro Max is reportedly experiencing screen burn-in issues, adding to a growing list of problems for the company this year. Screen burn-in occurs when an image is left on the screen for too long and remains visible regardless of device usage. This problem is commonly associated with OLED displays, and even when the iPhone 15 Pro Max is turned off, the burnt-in image can still be seen.

iPhone owners have taken to Reddit to share their experiences with screen burn-in on their iPhone 15 Pro Max units. One image in particular showed a ghostly image of the virtual QWERTY keyboard, with the letters burned-in on each key. The affected Redditor mentioned that Apple will replace the device as it seems to be a relatively uncommon issue with only a few reported cases. However, this is a real issue unique to the iPhone 15 Pro Max that previous generations haven’t faced.

Burn-in often starts as image retention. It manifests as a ghostly image of the previous screen, which fades over time. To prevent permanent burn-in, it is advisable to turn off the device as soon as image retention is noticed. Apps that display static images or have screen elements that do not change, like Google Maps, are more likely to contribute to screen burn-in.

It typically takes a considerable amount of time for screen burn-in to occur, suggesting that the affected iPhone 15 Pro Max units may have a manufacturing defect. Regardless, Apple should replace the affected devices as this is a hardware issue that cannot be resolved through a software update. The iPhone 15 Pro Max comes with a one-year warranty, so those experiencing burn-in can seek assistance at the Genius Bar in their nearest Apple Store or contact Apple Support directly.

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