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Galaxy S24 Ultra in dire need of an upgraded camera to stay competitive against Galaxy S23 Ultra

Could the Galaxy S24 Ultra finally match the camera quality of its predecessors?
The Galaxy S23 Ultra has been deemed the “most complete” flagship of 2023. This device checks off every box, except for one major flaw. The camera. In comparison to the competition, particularly the Vivo X100 Pro, the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s camera doesn’t quite measure up. The Vivo X100 Pro seems to outshine the Galaxy S23 Ultra in multiple categories as well.
One major factor that separates the two is the size of the sensors. The X100 Pro’s larger sensors allow for crisper images and better handling of dynamic range. The 10x zoom capabilities of the X100 Pro also surpass those of the Galaxy S23 Ultra, despite the latter’s 10x snapper.
Furthermore, the camera quality of the iPhone 15 Pro Max seems to edge out the Galaxy S23 Ultra in night shots. The iPhone has greatly improved its Night mode, setting a high standard that Samsung will have to surpass with the Galaxy S24 Ultra.
Speaking of the Galaxy S24 Ultra, early indications suggest that Samsung is making some much-needed changes to the camera system. The switch to a new primary camera sensor and the implementation of a 5x zoom lens are encouraging signs. Additionally, the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SoC should provide the necessary processing power to bring Samsung’s image processing up to par with its competition.
In summary, Samsung has the potential to produce a camera system in the Galaxy S24 Ultra that can rival the likes of the Vivo X100 Pro and the iPhone 15 Pro Max. The question now remains, whether Samsung is willing to make the necessary changes to ensure the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s camera is truly a game-changer. Only time will tell.

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