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Get Inside Tips from Tim Cook on Working for Apple

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently discussed the hiring process at Apple during a podcast hosted by pop star Dua Lipa. Cook emphasized that Apple is looking for employees who can add value to the team and who possess characteristics of collaboration. He stated that the company hires people from all walks of life and does not require a college degree or coding skills for every position.

Cook highlighted the importance of curiosity, creativity, and the ability to work effectively in a team, encouraging candidates to ask questions and be open-minded. Despite the misconception that Apple only hires individuals with coding skills, Cook made it clear that the company welcomes candidates with various backgrounds and expertise.

While Cook recommends learning how to code as a form of self-expression and a global language, he reiterated that Apple does not require coding skills for every role within the company.

For those interested in a job at Apple, they can visit for more information on available positions. Cook’s advice on collaboration and diversity in hiring serves as a valuable insight for prospective job seekers.

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