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Get Ready for Apple Music Replay 2023: Relive Your Year in Music

Curious about your impact on making the most-listened song on Apple Music in 2023? Well, now you can find out!

Back in 2019, Apple Music introduced Replay, a feature that compiles your top-played songs throughout the year. Think of it as Apple’s response to Spotify Wrapped, offering mainly a web-based experience while still allowing you to access your Replay playlist in the Apple Music app.

The Replay for 2023 has just been unveiled, giving Apple Music users the chance to explore their musical journey over the past year. Apple’s user-friendly interface presents a straightforward list of your top picks and a “Highlighted Reel” that shows your most-played songs, artists, and playlists of 2023.

Aside from your favorites, you’ll also get insightful statistics, including the total minutes spent enjoying music on Apple Music, the variety of artists you’ve tuned into, and the number of songs played throughout the year. Apple Music users can even discover if they rank among the top 100 listeners of their favorite artists.

Adding to the experience, Apple Music Replay introduces a milestone tracker, letting you know if you’ve hit specific targets, like listening to 1,000 songs.

To check out your Replay for this year, simply visit and log in with your Apple ID. There, you’ll uncover all your listening stats for the year. With Spotify Wrapped anticipated to launch in the next few days, Apple has given Replay a head start to ensure it gets the attention it deserves before being overshadowed by the Wrapped stats flooding social networks.

Ever since its debut, Spotify Wrapped has been a hit. In a single year, there were nearly 60 million shares of Wrapped stories and cards on social platforms. The secret sauce to its enduring success lies in its approach—it’s not just about summarizing top songs or artists. Spotify Wrapped also offers engaging and shareable elements that music and audio fans can explore, share on social media, and compare with their friends.

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