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Will the camera of the newly unveiled OnePlus 12 outdo Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Ultra?

OnePlus 12 Camera: The Latest Update

With most of the big launches behind us, the one left and the one that we’re pretty excited about is that of the OnePlus 12, the next flagship killer from OnePlus. The Chinese company made sure to tease the phone well during the past couple of weeks, showing the design, specs and some of the camera features of the OnePlus 12. Now, the president of the company Li Jie Louis has shared samples from the camera of the OnePlus 12 on the Chinese Weibo network. Alongside these samples we also have a confirmation about the main sensor in the phone, it will be Sony’s new Lytia sensor, jointly developed with OnePlus.

OnePlus 12 main camera samples

According to the latest information, the main under the wide lens camera of the OnePlus 12 is a new, jointly-developed 50MP Sony LY-808 sensor. The collaboration between OnePlus and Sony, and here’s what Li Jie has to say about this joint effort:
“In mobile photography, the most difficult thing to deal with is the texture of “light and shadow”

Now for the samples. We all know that official samples are a bit of a strange animal, they’re often shot in a very controlled manner, and we’re seeing the best couple of shots out of who knows how many, hundreds, maybe thousands? That being said, the images taken with the Lytia sensor and the Hasselblad lens look rather good.

OnePlus 12 ultrawide camera samples

The ultrawide camera of the OnePlus 12 uses a Sony IMX581 sensor under a lens with f/2.2 aperture and 14mm focal length. If you compare the images with those above shot with the main sensor, the difference is obvious. The ultrawides don’t have the same dynamic range and detail as the ones shot with the main camera.

OnePlus 12 periscope telephoto camera samples

This periscope system has 6x optical zoom capabilities, resulting in 140mm focal length shots. The images look pretty impressive, especially using the phone’s Professional Hasselblad Portrait mode at 70mm. We’ll let the images speak for themselves.

Is the OnePlus 12 the new camera phone to beat?

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