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Gmail Secrets Unveiled: Emoji Reactions Found in Hidden Code

Google is reportedly working on a new feature for Gmail that would allow recipients to respond to emails using emoji reactions. This feature was discovered through hidden code in the iOS Gmail app. Once implemented, users will be able to tap on an emoji reaction button within an email and choose from a selection of emoji to respond appropriately.

Using emoji reactions can be a convenient and time-saving way to respond to non-serious email conversations with friends, family, or co-workers. However, it is important to use them appropriately and avoid using them for more serious or professional discussions.

The emoji reaction feature for Gmail is said to be similar to the one already available in Microsoft’s Outlook. In Outlook, users can tap on a smiley face icon to access a bar with six different emoji options to choose from. It is expected that the Gmail feature will work in a similar fashion.

Emoji reactions have become popular on messaging platforms and some email apps, so it is logical for Google to introduce this feature to Gmail. It is unclear whether both iOS and Android users will receive this feature simultaneously, but the hidden code was discovered in the iOS version of the Gmail app.

Overall, the introduction of emoji reactions in Gmail could provide users with a convenient and expressive way to respond to emails. Stay tuned for updates on when this feature will be officially released.

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