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Galaxy S24 appears to be an even stronger challenger to Pixel 8 than previously thought

The final week before the Galaxy S24 Unpacked has arrived, and leakers are racing against the clock to share all the latest information they have gathered. According to recent rumors, fresh marketing material and innovative AI features are set to be unveiled, along with a software commitment that challenges Google’s Pixel 8.

Leaker Ahmed Qwaider has shared a series of marketing images showcasing the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s flat screen and some of the highly anticipated AI features. These images have provided another glimpse into the smartphone and the features surrounding it. The leaks suggest that the base model will feature a 6.2-inch display, the Galaxy S24 Plus will sport a 6.7-inch screen, and the Ultra will include a 6.8-inch screen, with all models offering a peak brightness of 2,600 nits.

AI features and specifications

The summarization feature for note-taking will reportedly require users to copy the content to the Notes app, which will then utilize the Note Assist feature to summarize, format, and even translate the information.

Meanwhile, the long-awaited Live Translate feature will be integrated into the Samsung Phone app, functioning as a real-time interpreter for users.

Furthermore, a Pixel 8 Magic Editor-like feature has also been observed in the leaked promo images. This feature will allow users to edit a photo after capturing it, offering capabilities such as changing the position of subjects and fulfilling the original vision for the image.

Support for the Galaxy S24

A previous rumor mentioned that the Galaxy S24, akin to the Pixel 8, might depend on Samsung’s servers for certain AI tasks. However, today’s leak has introduced new stipulations. Samsung plans to provide free access to Galaxy AI features until at least 2025, hinting that paid access may be required afterwards. Additionally, a Samsung account may be necessary to enable some of the features.

Moreover, Samsung has also committed to matching Google’s policy of seven years of operating system updates for the Galaxy S24, exceeding the current support of five years for Samsung phones. This extended support is expected to position the Galaxy S24 as one of the best smartphones of 2024.

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