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Google Assistant on Pixel now offers “Ask if important” function when receiving calls from contacts

Google Assistant’s call screening feature on Pixel smartphones has always been a handy tool in dealing with spam calls. However, a new update has added a useful option for users when receiving calls from their contacts.

Pixel users can now use Google Assistant to ask if an incoming call from a contact is urgent. This feature was announced at the Made by Google event on October 4 and has been well-received by users (via 9to5Google).

The “Ask if urgent” option appears when a call is received from someone on the user’s contact list. Tapping on this option triggers a friendlier greeting from the Google Assistant, which says, “Hi, I’m a Google virtual assistant on a recorded line. The person you are trying to reach wanted me to check if it’s urgent?”

As with the previous call screening feature, Assistant transcribes and displays the caller’s response, while the Phone app provides tappable options to ask for more information.

Initially, the “Ask if urgent” option was available only on Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro devices. However, some users have reported getting this option on their Pixel 7 Pro smartphones as well.

This new update from Google Assistant provides users with an easier way to determine the urgency of an incoming call from their contacts. It saves users from the dilemma of whether to answer a call immediately or not. With this feature, users can be more informed and make better decisions regarding their incoming calls.

Overall, this update showcases Google’s commitment to improving the user experience on its Pixel devices by providing innovative and practical features.

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