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Motorola Unveils Its Vision for a Wearable Smartphone: Going Beyond the Handset

Foldable smartphones are making their mark in the market these days. Companies like Google, Samsung, OnePlus, and Motorola are all in the game, competing against each other. Now, Motorola is adding its twist to the mix with a new concept, looking to stay ahead of the curve.

In a recent press release, Motorola unveiled a concept for a bendy phone that incorporates an FHD+ pOLED display. What sets this device apart? Its adaptability allows users to bend and shape the display into different forms based on their needs.

The adaptive display concept can seamlessly transition from a standard Android phone experience when laid flat—a 6.9-inch display running full Android—to being wrapped around the wrist for a unique wearable experience. Alternatively, users can position it in various stand modes for different viewing angles.

When upright, the device can be adjusted into a self-standing position, presenting a more compact form of full Android on a 4.6-inch display. For those on the move, wrapping the device around the wrist provides a connectivity experience akin to the external display on the Motorola Razr Plus.

However, the display concept is not the only innovation Motorola has in store. The company also revealed a set of new AI features integrated into the device. Among them is a generative AI model that operates locally on the device, allowing users to extend their personal style to their phones. Users can upload or capture a picture of their outfit, generating multiple unique AI-created images that can be used as custom wallpapers on their devices.

Motorola is not stopping at personalized wallpapers; the company unveiled three other AI concepts. These include features like blurring out sensitive information, transforming crinkled receipts into pristine documents, and summarizing notes, emails, and chats.

Whether this adaptive display concept becomes a real thing or not is still up in the air. But hey, it seems like Motorola is cooking up some exciting stuff in the foldable smartphone game. And oh, at the Lenovo Tech World ’23, Lenovo revealed a fresh MotoAI personal assistant tailor-made for Motorola smartphones.

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