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Pixel 8 Pro rumored to receive two highly anticipated features by December

The Pixel 8 Pro has received an update to the Google AI Core app to enhance its AI-driven features. Users can look forward to the December Feature Drop, which is expected to bring two promised features to the Pixel 8 Pro.

According to long-time leaker and 9to5Google writer Max Weinbach, the next update will enable the Video Boost and AI Super Zoom functionalities on the Pixel 8 Pro. These features were previously announced by Google and are now expected to be rolled out next month.

The Video Boost feature will allow the Pixel 8 Pro to capture HDR+ videos by sending the footage to the cloud, where Google’s computational photography models will enhance the color, lighting, and graininess of the video. This will also enable Night Sight Video to improve the quality of videos shot in low-light environments.

Additionally, the Zoom Enhance feature will use generative AI to sharpen the details in zoomed-in versions of photos that have already been taken with the Pixel 8 Pro.

These upcoming features are expected to further enhance the Pixel 8 Pro’s reputation as one of the best camera phones on the market. However, some users may have concerns about sending their videos to Google’s servers for processing. We will have to wait and see how these features are received by Pixel 8 Pro users.

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