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Threads rolls out expanded keyword search feature to all locations where the app is accessible

Threads, the social networking app from Instagram, has taken a significant step to improve its search functionality by expanding the availability of keyword search. This feature, now widely accessible, enables users to effortlessly find conversations centered on specific topics, fostering more engaging and informed discussions.

Prior to this rollout, keyword search was limited to select regions and languages, restricting its reach. However, now it is available everywhere that Threads is, including Europe where Threads is slated to launch next month.

With the feature’s wide availability, Threads users everywhere can now seamlessly navigate through the app’s vast network of conversations, discovering relevant topics and joining meaningful discussions with ease. In an official announcement, Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram, emphasized the feature’s primary objective: to simplify the process of finding new and engaging conversations. He acknowledged that keyword search was previously limited but is now accessible “everywhere Threads is available,” underscoring the company’s commitment to providing a frictionless user experience.

The implementation of keyword search everywhere and in all languages, paves the way for the introduction of trending topics, a feature widely anticipated and requested by Threads users. By analyzing popular search queries and identifying recurring keywords, Threads can curate a list of trending topics, keeping users up to date on the most talked-about subjects within the app.Threads continues to churn through its internal list of features it plans to bring to its user base, including some secret ones on mobile and the web and the highly requested “edit button.” Rumored to come to the app soon is also Trending Topics and Direct Messages, although these have not been confirmed by the company.

Threads is in a unique position right now to significantly grow the platform and expand its user base by rolling out useful features such as it has been doing since its launch. With X/Twitter’s ad revenue currently in decline and big-name accounts either moving to or becoming more active on Threads, now it’s the platform’s time to shine and get ahead of its competition.

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