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Pixel Scrolling Stutter Issue Resolved in Android 15: Google’s Latest Update

Google Pixel users have something to look forward to with the upcoming Android 15 update. For years, Pixel devices have been plagued by a frustrating stutter while scrolling through apps and the system UI. This issue even affected the latest Pixel 8 lineup. However, Google recently announced that they are working on resolving this problem once and for all.

On the Android Public Issue Tracker, numerous complaints from Pixel 8 and 8 Pro owners about choppy scrolling experiences caught Google’s attention. The problem seemed to stem from the Android code of the Pixel launcher, affecting other Pixel models as well.

Google’s response on the thread revealed that Android 15 will include optimizations targeting the “UI jank” issue. These optimizations aim to enhance overall system performance and address specific use cases related to certain Android applications.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time Google has acknowledged such issues. Similar scrolling problems were present when the Pixel 7 was launched, prompting Google to swiftly release a fix through an Android 13 update.

Although Pixel phones offer a clean Android experience, Google occasionally falls short in addressing these technical issues. With Android 15 still in its early stages of development, users are hopeful that history won’t repeat itself with prolonged wait times for the final release.

Stay tuned for more updates as we anticipate smoother scrolling experiences on Pixel devices with the arrival of Android 15.

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