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Samsung to release Galaxy Ring health and fitness tracker in four different sizes

Samsung is considering the release date for its newest health and fitness tracker, the Galaxy Ring. It is speculated that Samsung may choose to launch it alongside the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6, similar to how it introduces its other wearables such as the Galaxy Watch.The Galaxy Ring is designed in four different sizes to accommodate various finger types. Sources suggest that Samsung is currently in the advanced development phase, focusing on determining the appropriate health and fitness tracking functions to include in the device.

Although the smart ring is currently somewhat large, insiders believe that it will be scaled down to fit one of four different finger sizes during the commercialization stage.

Samsung Galaxy Ring: Features and Release Date

It has not yet been confirmed whether the Galaxy Ring will include health tracking features that require medical device approval, similar to the Galaxy Watch 6. Obtaining such regulatory certifications usually takes place in the fourth quarter, which suggests that Samsung may not be able to acquire them in time for the release.

Reports indicate that Samsung has assigned its Galaxy Ring team to announce the device together with the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6 in the third quarter of next year. It remains unknown whether this means that the smart ring will be unveiled alongside the Galaxy Watch 7, which is also expected to be launched during that period.

Alternatively, Samsung could choose to release the ring accessory without the health or medical functions, and seek approval at a later stage, similar to its approach with previous models from the Galaxy Watch series. If not, the Galaxy Ring may only hit the market after the next round of regulatory approvals, potentially in 2025.

Insiders suggest that Samsung’s Galaxy Ring could offer more accurate measurements for vital signs compared to the Galaxy Watch due to its tighter fit around the finger. Samsung is also reportedly considering how to integrate the smart ring as an accessory for extended reality devices. It’s worth noting that Apple’s Vision Pro headset is set to be launched next year, which may lead the AR/VR consumer device industry.

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