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Samsung, we want those OLED display phones at unbeatable prices!

Samsung is taking its flagship phone features and bringing them to the budget market. This is great news for those looking for affordable Samsung phones. Take, for example, the Galaxy A14 priced at $199, which is available as a T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, or unlocked model directly from Samsung. What’s even more impressive is that it now comes with 5G network connectivity.

Just a couple of years ago, this kind of feature was only found on expensive Samsung handsets. However, Samsung isn’t stopping there. The company is planning to improve the display quality of its budget 5G phones in the near future.

Samsung recently announced that the Galaxy A15 5G will come with an OLED display. This is a significant upgrade considering the Galaxy A14’s LCD display. While the Galaxy A14 offers 5G capabilities and next-gen network connectivity at an affordable price, it lacks modern display features.

Fortunately, Samsung has taken note of this and will be introducing OLED display technology to its low-cost Galaxy A1X series next year. As a result, the Galaxy A15, which has already sold millions of units, will benefit from the deep blacks, high contrast, and lower power consumption that OLED displays offer.

While OLED display technology may seem more expensive for Samsung to produce initially, there’s a twist to it. The company’s underutilized A2 OLED production, which uses cheaper glass panels instead of flexible plastic substrates found in more expensive phones, can help offset the production costs. By including an OLED display in the Galaxy A15, Samsung can increase the production rate of the A2 line and achieve economies of scale, eventually making an OLED screen cheaper to produce than an LCD one.

In conclusion, Samsung’s decision to upgrade its budget phones with OLED displays is a win-win situation. It allows the company to offer modern display technology to its sub-$200 phones while keeping production costs in check. This move demonstrates Samsung’s commitment to providing affordable yet feature-rich devices in the ever-evolving smartphone market.

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