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Tim Cook Makes Surprise Appearance at Mobile Games Tournament in China

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently made a surprise visit to China, where he attended a local mobile games tournament. While in the country for an international political and economic forum, Cook took the opportunity to show support for the gaming community and express his gratitude to gamers competing in the popular game, Honor of Kings.

Honor of Kings, and its variant Arena of Valor, are known as the highest-grossing mobile games of all time. With over 100 million daily active users, the game has captivated players in China and even inspired some parents to name their babies after its characters. In the game, players control a character with unique abilities to defeat non-player characters and opponents, earning experience points (XP) and gold along the way. These XP can be used to upgrade and evolve characters’ abilities, while gold can be used to purchase items that modify specific attributes of the character.

In addition to his appearance at the gaming tournament, Cook also made a surprise visit to Apple’s Taikoo Li store in Chengdu, where he interacted with shoppers and staff. His visit to the gaming tournament showcases Apple’s recognition of the thriving mobile gaming industry and its commitment to engaging with its players.

Mobile games have become a significant revenue stream for app stores, and it comes as no surprise that the Apple CEO took the opportunity to support and acknowledge the gaming community during his time in China.

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